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Who's Your Trainer | acac Midlothian

Join us for Who’s Your Trainer this October and discover how acac personal trainers can help you meet your goals. 

Cross Training Aerobically in the Water with Carol
October 3 | 11:45am | Activity Pool
You can cross train for upcoming road races by using the shallow and deep ends of the pool, using running skiing and biking movements to enhance your race times. Lap lanes aren’t just for swimming! 

Finding Your Squat with Nadine
October 3 | 5:00pm & October 6 | 9:30am | Free Weight Area
Learn different squat progressions to determine which squat method is the best for you. 

Fit & Grandkid Ready: Moving Better on the Floor with Ryan D. 
October 4 | 11:00am | Activity Pool
Learn to move around on the floor with your grandkids with more ease. Participants will learn specific exercises and techniques that can make floor play more enjoyable.

Regaining Core Strength After Pregnancy with Ally
October 4 | 4:00pm | Studio B
Focus on getting your core back post-baby. 

The Great Outdoors with Tom
October 5 & 9 | 11:00am | Basketball Court
Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, skiing or paddling; you can benefit from training to build strength, core stability, balance and stamina. 

Foam Rolling with Sarah
October 5 | 12:00pm | Studio B
Learn how foam rolling can help relieve muscle tension and improve flexibility. 

Move Better, Eat Better, Feel Better with Andrew
October 5 | 6:00pm | PT Mezzanine
Learn the basics of movement and why alignment and posture are important to move better. In addition, learn how food can impact your sleep, movement and energy throughout the day.

Using Meditation to Enhance Your Life with Ryan P. 
October 9 | 1:00pm | Studio A
Learn how incorporating words of power can push you through anything life throws in front of you. Harness the power of the mind and soul to increase focus, resilience, conquer self-doubt and accomplish goals.

Support Your Sport with Patrick
October 10 | 4:30pm | Basketball Court
Kids spend all day sitting in school then straight to performing in their sport. Let’s bridge the gap. Learn how to get them playing again and moving more to develop the well rounded athlete. Teach them to be strong, because all things equal, the strong athlete wins!   

How Can Strength Training Take My Yoga Practice to the Next Level? with Siobhan & Nadine
October 11 | 12:30pm | Basketball Court
Learn key strength exercises that will improve your strength and stability for various yoga poses. 

How Can Yoga Assist My Strength Training Program? with Siobhan & Mark
October 12 | 6:30pm  & October 22 | 12:00pm | Basketball Court
Learn key yoga postures that will help improve mobility and flexibility that address areas of limitation in your strength training. Specificall, we will present postures focusing on hamstrings, ankle mobility, hip opening and thoracic extension. 

Nutrition Seminar & Cooking Demo – Packing it Up with Donna 
October 12 | 12:00pm | Fireplace Area
Learn lunch packing techniques that include nutrient-rich meals to fuel your brain and your body for the afternoon. Sample lunch recipes that are great for the whole family!