Midlothian Alert

We will be re-finishing some of the hardwood floors in the club and the following spaces will close:

Basketball Court: Aug. 24 at 9am

Studio A: Aug. 24 at 11am

Studio B: Aug. 24 at 11:45am

All will re-open on Sunday, August 27 at 7am.


LABOR DAY HOURS: 8am – 8pm


An essential component of optimal health and wellness

Whether your goal is weight loss, improved athletic performance, controlling a chronic condition, or disease risk reduction, acac’s registered dieticians are ready to support you with individual counseling and group programs.

Contact Donna, donnaw@acac.com for more information.

Nutrition Consultation

Meet with our acac Midlothian nutritionist to get your questions answered.

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Stay On Your Way

A one-on-one comprehensive approach weight loss, controlling chronic health conditions, and/or improving fitness results through optimal nutrition. The nutritionist will help you manage emotional eating, discover what’s in a food label, plan fast and healthy meals and learn how to snack correctly.

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FAN Club

A family program intended to jumpstart a lifestyle change or for the family that just wants to work-out together! It consists of 30 minutes of nutrition counseling and 30 minutes of personal training. Some age restrictions apply.