Midlothian Alert

We will be re-finishing some of the hardwood floors in the club and the following spaces will close:

Basketball Court: Aug. 24 at 9am

Studio A: Aug. 24 at 11am

Studio B: Aug. 24 at 11:45am

All will re-open on Sunday, August 27 at 7am.


Family Time

Enjoy designated time on the indoor track and basketball court!

Youth Policies

For a complete list of age requirements and youth policies click here.

Under Age 4 | During family time, members under the age of 4 may use the basketball court under the close supervision of a parent or guardian 16 and over.

Ages 4-11 | During family time, members between the ages of  4 – 11 are allowed on the basketball court and on the track at acac. Children ages 4 – 11 must be supervised by a parent or guardian 16 and over on the court. Parents must supervise children on the track at all times. Please yield to adult walkers and runners. Ages 9 – 11 may begin to use cardio equipment with parent/guardian after an orientation with an acac Fitness Specialist (they will receive a green bracelet). 

Age 12 | We feel that at age 12, a child is ready to begin exercising at acac. However, it is very important for their safety that they be by a parent on premises. Before using the fitness equipment (weight training & cardio machines), 12-year-olds are required to complete one training session with a member of our fitness staff. A parent must be present during these sessions. For children who have not completed this training session, the rules for children under 12 apply.

Ages 13 – 17 | Youth aged 13 – 17 may use the club without the accompaniment of an adult. After completing their training session with a member of our fitness staff, youth aged 13 – 17 may use the fitness equipment without the accompaniment of an adult. acac reserves the right to revoke this privilege if is determined that a young adult is not adhering to acceptable standards of conduct. If this privilege is withdrawn, the rules for age 12 apply.