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Originally Published: Aug 27, 2020

Court Contract Time Application

Court Contract Process

Draw a lottery number from the tennis desk August 26 – September 23, 2020. Due to the virus, numbers will be drawn for members by a tennis desk team member who will wear a glove to draw. Numbers will be recorded in a notebook. Individual members pull one number. Family and couple members may pull two numbers.

Lottery Night will take place Thursday, September 24.

In order to ensure social distancing, we are asking that only one member from each contract attend Lottery Night. We will also be staging when members come in to draw their number based on the following schedule:

6:30-6:45: #’s 1-20

6:45-7:00: #’s 21-40

7:00-7:15: #’s 41-60

7:15-7:30: #’s 61-80

7:30-7:45: #’s81-120

7:45-8:00: #’s 121 and up

We will have socially distanced marks on the floor for members to stand on while waiting to be called to the table to reserve a court. Once your number is called and court reserved, we are asking that you exit the facility so that the next group can come in. Please be sure to bring the Contract Confirmation Form completely filled out to the table. You can use this link to print the application or pick one up at the tennis desk.

All members attending Lottery Night are required to wear a mask for the entire process. Members not wearing a mask will be asked to leave the facility. Please understand that we are trying to keep everyone, team members and members alike, as safe as possible.