10 Tips for a Merry, Healthy Holiday

By: Sue Hulsebusch, acac Personal Trainer

It’s easy to get off track during the holiday season. Use these ten tips to stick to your diet & workout plan throughout the holidays:

1.) Schedule your workouts. Write them on your planner; it creates a sense of importance and commitment.

2.) Crazy week? Commit to 15-20 minute workouts. Keep them short, effective, and simple.

3.) Consider combining your strength work with your metabolic (cardio) work. Do 1-2 minutes of high intensity metabolic work between every strength exercise.

4.) Go to bed earlier than usual. Lack of sleep only adds to the stress of the holidays.

5.)  Traveling? Scope out other acac locations and local gyms before you go so you know hours, guest rates and class schedules ahead of time. Or, pack a resistance band in your travel bag – you can easily do a total body strength routine with that one small band! Ask a personal trainer for help on ways to make your workout more travel friendly!

6.) Eat before you head to the holiday party. Going with a full belly reduces your chances of indulging on the bad stuff.

7.) When at a party, scout out healthy food options, like raw veggies, fruit or plain chicken. Fill up on these then keep the portions small of the more unhealthy foods you want.

8.) Sneak in your steps…take the stairs, walk an extra lap or two at the mall and park far away from the store entrance. Keep moving!

9.) Stay hydrated, especially at parties. Drink a glass of water between cocktails. Your head will thank you the next morning. Be sure to pack a reusable water bottle as a constant reminder to keep your water intake up.

10.) Stay positive! Don’t be hard on yourself if you over-indulge at a holiday event. Work out when you can (it’s scheduled, right?), practice portion control, stay hydrated and count your blessings! Enjoy this wonderful time of year!

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