103-Year-Old Member

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A Charlottesville man is proving you have no excuse to skip out on a trip to the gym. John Forbes works out with trainer Krystyn Dotson at ACAC twice a week – and he’s 103 years old.

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He bikes, walks, balances and lifts weights during the 30-minute sessions.

He started hitting the gym at the age of 98 after doctors told him a broken pelvis would prevent him from walking without help. Now, he’s taking steps on his own.

Once a reluctant gym member, Forbes now admits fitness can be fun.

“I think this thing has probably been good for me and it accidentally turns out to be fun,” he said.

He’s an inspiration to others at the gym as well.

“I think it’s so inspirational for the 20-year-olds to see him, the 50-year-olds, the 70-year-olds – those people who think that ‘Oh, because of age I can’t do it.’ But you know what? He proves them wrong,” said Dotson.

To watch Forbes in action, watch the video above.

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