13 Ways to Keep the Kids Active this Autumn

We all know the importance of regular exercise for our health and wellness.

And while yes, exercise is increasingly important as we get older, it is also an important habit to start at a young age. Did you know? Children ages six and older are encouraged to have at least an hour of physical activity each day. Exercise helps youth develop muscle and strengthen bones, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, maintain a healthy diet, prevent chronic disease, and so much more

Fall is the perfect time of year to get outside and explore. Here are 13 of our favorite ways to stay active as a family during the autumn season:

  1. Autumn leaves will soon be bursting with orange, yellow, and red. Enjoy fall in all its splendor by visiting a local state park for a hike! Don’t forget to pack a picnic. 
  2. Ditch the car and take a family walk around your neighborhood. Better yet, walk to your local coffee shop for hot chocolate or cider.
  3. Plan a family game night with a twist. Use a deck of UNO or playing cards and complete exercises based on the cards you pick.
  4. Make a splash! Don’t put away your swimsuit just yet; swimming is a fantastic year-round activity for children and adults alike. At acac, we offer designated family swim time hours. 
  5. Fall is a popular time of year for community races. Visit active.com to find a 5k run or walk near you! 
  6. Toss around a football in the backyard, or organize a neighborhood flag football game for everyone to enjoy.
  7. Now that all of our favorite fall TV series are back, it can be tempting to spend most nights curled up on the couch. Set a timer during every commercial break to stretch, do jumping jacks, or have a wheelbarrow race in the living room—then return to your regularly scheduled programming. 
  8. Make fitness a family affair. Children ages 9-12 are welcome to use cardio equipment with active adult supervision at acac. Schedule a fitness orientation with one of our specialists and help familiarize your child with the equipment before getting started. 
  9. Get jumping! Trampoline parks are a fun (and exhausting) way to get everyone moving. Or, break out the jump rope for some old-fashioned fun! 
  10. Find a disc golf course in your area or play a leisurely game of frisbee. Breathe the fresh air, enjoy the scenery, and work on your hand-eye coordination.
  11. Bundle up and head to a corn maze for a fun outdoor activity that will not only increase your daily steps, but stretch your mind and facilitate teamwork.
  12. Children ages 9-12 can also enjoy group exercise classes with adult supervision. Check the group exercise schedule at your local acac to find a class everyone can enjoy. 
  13. Play ball! Nothing says fall more than a family game of H-O-R-S-E on the driveway. Channel your inner Michael Jordan and see who is the last one standing! 

Download our Fall Family Fitness bucket list and hang it on your fridge for everyone to see. Pick a different activity each weekend to help encourage fitness and wellness from an early age! Visit acac.com/30days to find out how you can help us support the Make-a-Wish Foundation during the month of October.