5 Indoor Exercises You'll Love this Winter

Once the temperature drops, it feels nearly impossible to venture outdoors to fetch the mail—much less go for a walk around the neighborhood. Your favorite outdoor activities become memories of a distant past as winter hibernation sets in. Why not bring them indoors?

Check out these five indoor exercises to not only mix up your winter fitness regime, but to become stronger and more energized for your favorite outdoor activities come springtime!

If you love hiking, try the stairclimber.
Many people are deceived by the intensity of this low-impact workout. The stair climber is a revolving staircase that moves at a variety of speeds and intervals. This machine targets the entire lower half of your body: calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. A 45-minute session on the stair climber burns an average 350+ calories! You can adjust the intensity or speed, making your favorite ten-mile hike look like a breeze compared to ten stories on the stairclimber. 

If you love kayaking, try the rowing machine. 
Correct form is essential for this full-body workout. A proper row begins with your legs, initializes your back muscles, and finishes at your arms—it does not come from the arms as many presume. Keep your resistance between 2-5 and position yourself with feet securely strapped, legs straight with a slight bend at the knee, and an overhand grip on the handle. When moving back and forth, be sure to keep your back straight and fully extend your arms at the end of the movement. Plug in some headphones and glide for ten – twenty minutes for a cardio-busting workout that will increase your heart rate, strengthen your back and spine, and improve posture. This exercise is great for anyone who sits at a desk all day!

If you love cycling, try a cycle class or the stationary bike.
Can’t hit the trail this winter? You can still enjoy your favorite pasttime within the comfort of your local gym. Indoor cycling works the same muscles as an outdoor ride, but does so at a faster and smoother pace. Riding a spin bike requires less concentration than a road bike—you don’t have to focus on riding in a straight line or avoiding sticks and stones on the path—and allows you to close your eyes for an almost meditative experience. The average cycle class burns 400 – 600 calories. Plus: the music, enthusiastic instructors, and group dynamic can’t be beat.

If you love playing tennis, try the TRX.
Train to play with the TRX! Many professional tennis players use the TRX Suspension Trainer to improve rotational movement, increase power in serve, and better overall performance. The TRX suspension trainer uses one’s personal bodyweight to counteract gravity, create resistance, and increase muscular endurance. You can also keep your competitive edge by playing an indoor racquet sport like racquetball, pickleball, or squash. These games incorporate similar movements and strategies to tennis but can be played year-round. 

If you love running, try the jump rope.
No, it’s not just for recess! Jumping rope is a great cardio workout that strengthens your calf muscles, improves elasticity in the lower half of your body, improves cognitive communication between your brain, wrists, and leg muscles, and burns calories fast. Adding even a short two – three minutes of jump roping to your winter workouts will increase your stamina and help you train for your upcoming spring races. 

We’re not saying to avoid the outdoors all winter long—practice cold weather safety, take care of your body, and maybe even find a new favorite workout this winter!