5 Things Instructors Wish You Knew About Group Ex

By Jessica MacDonald, Group Exercise Director at acac
There’s nothing quite like the experience of a group exercise class at acac. We’re a proud bunch of like-minded folks who come together to motivate and connect with each other.
It may be tempting, as a beginner, to peek behind the doors of a group exercise class in progress and feel a bit … intimidated. How does everyone know which direction to turn? They make those moves look easy! If thoughts like these have ever crossed your mind, this post is for you.
Here are 5 things all group exercise instructors wish beginners knew about group ex:
1. We love seeing new faces! It’s the best part of our day when new members come to our class. You can be best prepared by arriving 10-15 minutes early so we can meet you, and help you properly set up equipment or give you the tools you’ll need for class. And don’t be shy about announcing yourself as a first time attendee. If we don’t know, we can’t help!

2. It doesn’t matter what you wear to class. Come as you are, in something that will make you feel comfortable.

3.  Don’t get caught up on fitness level, you’d be surprised what you can do.  Everyone at some point has been a beginner. As fitness professionals, it’s our job to make sure you have a safe and effective workout.  We will give options for modifications, both high and low versions, to make sure everyone in class receives a safe and successful workout.

4.  Warm ups and stretching are both essential parts of exercise.  We understand that sometimes running late is unpreventable, but please understand that joining class after the warm up is finished puts you at risk for injury. If you are running more than 10 minutes late to class, the best option is to check the schedule and see if you can join another class. On that same note, stretching is also extremely important. If you don’t stretch, your muscles and connective tissue around the muscle will shorten, putting you at greater risk for injury.

5.  Have fun!  Group Exercise thrives off classroom energy. We welcome cheering, clapping and celebration. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your achievements and let loose in class. Group Exercise can inspire long lasting positive relationships, so make friends and enjoy yourself! If you have fun in class you are more likely to stick with your exercise plan!

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