7 of the Best Fitness Apps for New Exercisers in the New Year

New to exercise or new to a committed regimen? No matter your current health and wellness goals, everyone can use a little extra help now and again! Whip out your trusty smartphone and take a look at these seven fitness apps that can help you to get started, stay strong, and celebrate how far you’ve come.

  1. Couch to 5K
    If your new year’s resolution was to start running, run a race, or run twelve races in twelve months, the Couch to 5K app is the online coach you need. C25K is an 8-week running program consisting of three workouts a week. Listen to your own music or utilize the Audio Coach function for motivation and encouragement.
  2. Pact
    Put your money where your mouth is with this incentive-based workout app. Users can choose a Workout Pact, Veggie Pact, or Food Log Pact and pledge a certain number of workouts, servings of veggies / fruit, or healthy meals they want to complete in a week’s time. For each completed pact, they will earn a set monetary value as a reward; similarly, for each pact that they fail to complete, they must pay a set amount via PayPal or credit card.
  3. Fooducate
    Eat better, lose weight, and get healthy with Fooducate! This app monitors your daily diet and provides resources to assist your journey. Search the recipe board for new dishes to try, converse with other users in the Fooducate community, or use the “Food Finder” option to scan product barcodes and help you make better choices at the grocery store. This app is a truly educational experience that will change your habits from the inside out.
  4. Restaurant Menu Nutrition
    Eating out can be a major source of stress when you’re trying to lose weight. Download the Restaurant Menu Nutrition app and you’ll have access to nutritional information for items from local chains to restaurant giants. Choose what you’ll order before you get to the restaurant to ease anxieties and make an educated decision.
  5. Charity Miles
    Every mile matters when you exercise using Charity Miles! Track your daily activities whether you’re walking the dog, running a half marathon, or playing Pokémon Go. Be sure to select a charity before you work out, and the app will donate money for every mile you complete. Participating charities include Habitat for Humanity, the SPCA, the Alzheimer’s Association, and more!
  6. Calm
    This mindfulness app is designed with both novices and experts in mind. If you’ve never tried meditation before, Calm will introduce you to the practice with guided meditations, breathing exercises, and sleep stories that best fit your lifestyle. Already an expert? Take your practice with you wherever you go. Best of all, the app includes a beautiful interface, soothing music, and multiple options to personalize your experience.
  7. Nike+ Training Club
    Last but certainly not least; the Nike+ Training Club is a community of new exercisers, everyday gym goers, and advanced trainers. You can try workouts designed by celebrities and athletes like Serena Williams, Kyrie Irving, and Ellie Goulding, depending on your fitness level. Users receive access to special Nike events around the world, product information, and additional resources to aid your health and wellness journey.

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