When the weather outside is frightful, acac is so delightful!

Grab a mug of hot chocolate and your coziest slippers and check out this list of our favorite snow day activities to get you ready for the next big snow!


  1. I love watching the snow fall! It also becomes project time! I like to bunker down and work on things that otherwise get pushed aside due to lack of time. – Beth H., Personal Training
  2. I love to read, listen to music, bake and watch movies by the fire. – Lisa S., Personal Training
  3. Shoveling!  Seriously, I do enjoy it.  Then spending the rest of the day inside with sweats, hot cocoa & movies! – Tammy H., MOD
  4. I always love to bake cookies and home-made soup while I stay inside and watch movies all day. – Aleah M., HR
  5. Watching movies for sure and doing donuts in an empty parking lot. – Eric K., Facilities
  6. My favorite snow day activity is to go for a long hike in the snow – and of course it is always rewarding to shovel the driveway and walk way around my house. If you cannot get outside and need to do something active inside, I practice push ups, planks and Turkish get ups. Great for shoulders, core and hip mobility and just doing a body-weight get up is great exercise. Don’t know how to do a get up? Check out my mini-clinic at acac Midlothian!. – Sarah D., Personal Training
  7. I’ve never had a snow day (first winter in America), but if I did, I would like to sit in the rooftop hot tub while it’s snowing. – Roger B., Front Desk
  8. Sipping on hot chocolate while drying socks, hats and gloves next to the fireplace. – Mike B., Membership
  9. I typically take advantage of being stuck inside as a great and much-needed rest day, physically and mentally. Quiet time reading, organizing a closet or drawers that I have been putting off for another day, watching movies. Sometimes will take a snow walk with my dog.  Sue H., Personal Training
  10. I love to ski and play in the snow at home with my family. (Although I’d much rather be “skiing” on the water). – Leigh B., Group Exercise
  11. I like to play with my puppy in the snow and then cuddle up by the fire to watch the snow fall. – Lauren G., Marketing
  12. I like to make snow angels. – Bruce C., Fitness
  13. I really enjoy sledding on my family’s land. – George B., Membership
  14. I like making snow cream and snuggling with my family. – Mae L., p.r.e.p.
  15. I’m really looking forward to throwing snowballs with my dog, Paige. – Zach B., General Manager




We hope visiting acac is one of your favorite snow day activities! To check your club’s hours on a snow day (or any day), click on your club’s home page below.

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