Adding Aquatics Equipment Your Workout

Does your water workout need a refresh? Add some equipment!

Our Aquatic Centers have lots of accessories to help you keep your workout fresh and new!

Flippers or Fins – “A flat rubber ‘shoe’ with a very wide front that increases resistance in the water therefore making one’s kick more effective.”
Fins increase resistance in the water and force one’s legs to work harder. They are a great way to boost the effectiveness of your kick and the overall rate at which you are swimming.
Kathryn S., Aquatics Director – acac Albemarle Square:  “If I want to feel speed, I love using fins and paddles to go faster.”

Flippers or fins


Kickboard – “A buoyant rectangular board held by a swimmer while developing kicking techniques.”
Use a kickboard to build up your leg strength and kicking effectiveness with multiple kicking sets.
Kathryn S., Aquatics Director – acac Albemarle Square: “The kickboard can be used in many different ways to help with kicking and using it as a piece for resistance.”



Noodle – A cylindrical foam tube, usually brightly colored and hollow, used for swimming pool play”
Pool noodles are a common sight at the pool. They can be bent or shaped in many different ways, making them very versatile. Noodles are suitable for pool workouts or playtime!

Swim noodle


Hand Paddles – “…A plastic plate worn over the swimmer’s palm and attached over the back of the swimmer’s hand with elastic cords. The plate is often perforated with a pattern of holes.”
Hand paddles are used to increase resistance in water, thereby forcing your arms to work harder. Use of a handle paddle is a great way to work your biceps/triceps and build upper body strength!
Kathryn S., Aquatics Director, acac Albemarle Square:  “If I want to feel speed, I love using fins and paddles to go faster. Also, the paddles help to work on the pulling and body position technique in the stroke.”

Hand paddle


Water Dumbells or Water Weights – “Shaped like dumbells and used to create resistance during water workouts, typically during an aquatics class.”

Water dumbells


Swim belt“A foam belt that goes around the waist; used during aquatics classes and for jogging in the deep end of the pool.”
Tired of swimming laps or need a new, low impact activity? Try water jogging in the deep end! Swim belts keep you afloat so you can concentrate on your form.

Swim belt


Pull Buoy – “A pull buoy or leg float is a figure-eight shaped piece of closed-cell foam used in swim workouts.”
Pull buoys are placed between your thighs to secure & stabilize your legs, allowing you to focus on stroke development and building upper body strength.
Kathryn S., acac Albemarle Square – Aquatics Director: “The pull buoy helps to work on the pulling and body position technique in the stroke.”

Pull buoy



Have other questions about adding accessories to your pool workout? Our Aquatics Instructors and Personal Trainers would be happy to help!
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