Aging Well: Tips for Staying Active After 50

By Stephen Bonwit, acac R.N.

” We are always the same age inside.” –  Gertrude Stein

I certainly agree with this quote. I recently “celebrated” a milestone birthday, and though grateful for the opportunity; I do not feel like the 60 year old adult my license says I have become. They say exercise is the fountain of youth, and that exercise is the best medicine you will never take. Well, I don’t know who “they” are, but I personally believe they are on to something.

Why Stay Active After 50?

We all know that exercise helps to maintain a healthier body weight and reduce risks for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We all know exercise helps to reduce bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol. Blood pressure can be positively impacted by exercise. We know all these things, but often this knowledge alone is simply not enough to serve as motivation.

The answer to the question “Why stay active after 50?” is something that no one can answer for you but yourself. You must look inward and define that which is relevant and important for you. It is about keeping it real.  As for myself, I am independent and maybe just a little stubborn. I want to do things on my own terms. Frankly, staying active after 50 has helped me to maintain a “vehicle” that will allow me continued independence, hopefully for decades to come. I don’t want to be limited by a body that can’t keep up with my mind, or get to that point where I am “writing checks with my mouth that my body can’t cash.”

That is what is important to me – independence late into life. For you, it might be the ability to be truly active in your grandparenting roles. It might be having the energy and ability to pursue that activity in retirement about which you are passionate. It might be having the ability to do the things you love later in life when spare time is more available, and personal demands less. In our 50’s, we are at yet another crossroads, and choosing the more active path may result in our eventual 60 – 70 year old (or older) selves looking into the mirror and thanking those 50 year old selves that chose to stay active.

Find your reason. Find your passion. It is only then that you will be open to following tips to staying active after 50.

Tips for Staying Active

Though these tips apply to most age groups, I believe the principle tip is to “keep it real.” You might need outside guidance on putting together an exercise program, but the “why” already lies within you. The need to exercise to maximize the quality of life is a requirement that comes with the equipment (your body).  The most important component to an exercise program is the “why?”  Identify what is important to you and let that be your guiding motivation for staying active after 50.


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