Alternative Education Options with ACAC

Dear acac Families:

Dealing with a global pandemic has presented a plethora of challenges for schools, teachers, parents, and students and has created a large void in education.  At acac, we are closely monitoring the approach that our surrounding school systems are proposing for Fall 2020. While many plans are on the table, most do not include students returning to school 5 days a week. Most scenarios include an aspect of remote learning on the days students are not in the classroom.  acac would like to help our families fill the void in education this fall. We know that we cannot replicate the experience of being in school full time but we want to help families that need a trusted partner to assist with their Elementary and Middle School student’s education.  acac is here to help your family as many days of the week as needed.  We are looking at the following possibilities this fall:                                                                                                               

While we are waiting for more about what our school systems are planning, we’ll be exploring how we can help your family. In the meantime, we would love to better understand your needs by filling out this brief interest form. We are very much looking forward to helping our acac families this fall; we will be open and we will be learning!