Are You Afraid to Join a Gym?

Are you afraid of public speaking … heights … snakes … JOINING A GYM?

Many people understand the value of exercise, yet they avoid it like the plague. Especially at a gym. There can be worries and doubts that get in the way of taking that first step towards fitness. At acac, we recognize you may have some hesitations, and we try to allay those fears. 

Fear #1: “I won’t know how to use the equipment, and I will feel stupid trying.”

At acac: Facing a gym full of unfamiliar equipment can be very intimidating. At acac we offer several workout zones, including cardio equipment, a functional training area, selectorized weight machines and free weights. If that all sounds like Greek to you, no worries! We also offer a training area that is outfitted with a circuit of easy-to-use strength training and cardiovascular equipment–perfect for anyone new or returning to exercise. We staff this area with nurses, exercise physiologists and fitness specialists whose primary function is to teach, encourage, and assist new members. It is OK to be unsure of what you are doing. We will teach you how to use the machines and help you do the exercises correctly.

Fear #2: “Everyone already knows each other. I won’t know anyone.”

At acac: What sets our club apart from many other gyms is our team. They are smiling, helpful and passionate about fitness. From day one, acac team members guide you in your discovery of all that acac has to offer. We will introduce you to acac professionals who can help you reach your fitness goals and show you how to get the most out of your membership. We offer all new members a series of passes to experience some of the special training and services we have to offer, and our concierge will make sure you get off to a great start. The concierge can help you find programs and classes that match your interests. In this supportive environment, you’ll meet people right away. Team members will learn your name quickly and follow up with you throughout the duration of your membership. 

Fear #3: “I was never good at sports. I am totally uncoordinated and will look foolish.”

At acac: Trying new activities can put you outside your comfort zone. We’ve all been new to the gym at some point, so we take time to show you what to do. Whether in class or on the fitness floor, acac professionals help you with form and technique, ensuring your safety and success. With their education and encouragement, you will feel confident as you begin your program. And with all the different ways to exercise at acac, you’ll be sure to find something fun that suits your style.    

Fear #4: “I want to lose some weight before I join the gym. Everyone there is already toned and in shape and I’m not.”

At acac: Media and advertising, particularly in the fitness industry, often promote ripped, hardbodied physiques as a standard of beauty. We think all bodies are beautiful! Wide bodies, thin bodies, young bodies, old bodies, fit bodies, not-so-fit bodies—all of us feel comfortable at acac. Put on your old sweats and a baggy t-shirt. acac is the place where real people go to work out.

Fear #5: “Health clubs are a racket. The salespeople are pushy and slick. It seems like clubs always get run down, change owners, and then go bankrupt.”

At acac: In 1984, Phil Wendel opened the first acac in Charlottesville, Virginia, with the goal to help others live their best through fitness and wellness. Since then, he has opened additional facilities in Charlottesville, as well as in West Chester and Exton, Pennsylvania, and Richmond, Virginia. At the end of 2015, we welcomed two clubs in the Baltimore area into our acac family. Staying on the cutting edge of the fitness and wellness industry is a priority. We strive to get better and better with age, investing in facility improvements every year and consistently expanding our program offerings. 

The decision to join a gym is an investment in your health. We hope you’ll take the first step with us. When you join acac, there are no gimmicks or complicated terms. A membership coordinator will answer all of your questions without pressuring you to join. Member satisfaction is our number one priority, and we want you to be happy with your decision. 

Once you join, you have 30 days to decide whether acac is the right fit for you. To learn more about our risk-free, 30-day guarantee and special introductory offers, click here. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you!