Ask the Trainers: Falling Out of Your Workout Routine

We can all suffer from a lack of motivation from time to time. So we’ve asked 13 of our trainers to tell us what steps they take to get themselves or their clients back on track.

Chip- First things first, I would need to know why they stopped coming to work out. Then, I just solve for the why. If it was an outside factor in their life, such as moving further away or getting a new job, how can we work around that to get back to a consistent workout routine?

Beth- Every day is different, every workout is different. Be a little forgiving to yourself and know that you can move forward and get back on track.

Jordan- When someone falls off a workout routine, it typically means some reflection and prioritization is needed. Reflect upon what successful steps it took you to start your workout routine? Review what steps you took to make this happen and see why things went wrong. Once you figure that out, you can prioritize your training. Be selfish! This is important to you! Make time for this and you will be happy and successful. 

Seth- Start small. Find a 5 minute full body series of movements to begin each day with. Once the routine is established you can grow the movement into a full workout.

Lisa- Begin by putting your workouts in your calendar and keeping your appointments.  Even better, book a session with a trainer or plan a gym date with a friend so you can’t back out!

Ike- Find a buddy to workout with to keep you more accountable. Peer pressure works. Have a friend with you makes it a little more fun.

Barrie- Change up your workout. Variety is really key to consistency. Try out a new group exercise class. Just find some way to add more variety to your workout.

Josh Z.- First I would try to find out what kept them from continuing their routine. A lot goes on outside of the gym, so we would need to determine what changed and how we work around that to get them back in the club.

Sarah- I would try to figure out if the things that caused them to drop off are still there. How can I help eliminate the challenge or modify their behavior to make their routine easier for them?

Kim- Find a friend to workout with you!

Jamie- Just remember, it happens to everyone. Set yourself up ahead of time so you can always get back on track. Know yourself and know what presents a challenge to your consistency.

Audra- Try to remember how good you felt when you were exercising consistently. Sometimes that’s all you need to get back into it. 

Sue- Ease back into your routine, don’t try to jump immediately where you left off. Shorten your workout time, do less reps, and use lighter weight.


Just for fun, we also asked our trainers what their favorite pre- and post-workout snacks are!

Chip- Handful of almonds and an apple (pre-workout) and an all-natural protein shake (post-workout)

Beth- A baked sweet potato with a little almond butter spread on it and a glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk!

Jordan- Protein shake and coffee about an hour prior to a workout

Seth- I choose not to eat immediately after a workout to allow the bodies natural process of hormonal releases that follow exercise.

Lisa- Homemade grain free banana nut butter protein muffins (Get the recipe here!)

Ike- Banana and peanut butter or some Muscle Milk

Barrie- Dried fruit, specifically apricots and dates, great for cycling!

Josh Z.- Grilled Chicken Salad with berries & nuts

Sarah- Fruit (apple or pear) with almond butter

Kim- Almonds and grapes or yogurt

Jamie- Beer (especially as a treat after a long run)

Audra- Yogurt or granola bar (pre-workout) or pasta with protein (post-workout)

Sue- Fruit and water for hydration pre-workout, protein shake and fruit post-workout


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