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Battling Cancer with Fitness and Friends

Why do you work out with friends?

When Theresa’s cancer came back for a second time, she knew she wanted to begin an exercise program to help get through her treatments. Theresa also knew there would be days that she wouldn’t feel like working out. Here’s what working out with a friend did for her.

Video Transcription:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2013 and I went through chemo. I hadn’t really been working out. I was diagnosed as cured from that breast cancer in January of 2014.  But unfortunately it came back, and when it came back around the second time I knew I had to do a little bit more than just rely on the doctors and medication that was out there to help me through it. I had a friend tell me about the p.r.e.p. program here at acac, so I brought it up to my doctor when I went in for an appointment and she thought it would be a great idea. A way for me to kind of contribute to getting better. When I first decided to explore the p.r.e.p. program, a friend of mine had told me about it and I said, “Well listen,  you’ve got to go with me because I am not gonna get up every morning. I am not going to show up when I’m having a bad day. But just knowing that you’re there will be that extra push.” And it’s been wonderful because there have been many times when I just did not want to get out of bed and I knew she was here. I knew she was waiting. So doing it with a friend really helps. After about a month I think your body just adjusts and you begin to crave. And that’s kind of where I am in my stage of workouts right now. When I wake up in the morning it’s like “Yes, I’ve got to get to the gym so that I can get on the treadmill and start walking!” Recently I’ve been doing a lot of circuit work and I’ve been walking. I was on oxygen for probably about four to five months and now I’m down to just oxygen at night, and I attribute that to my workouts. And I think the best news that I can share, that I believe acac played a big part in, is I had a recent PET scan and all of my cancer cells are gone, and, at least they’re not showing up on the PET scan. So I really believe that in combination with working out with acac and my doctors that I’m on a new journey and a new path, and I’m really excited to be here.