Beating the Summer BBQ

This past Monday was Memorial Day, which kicks off one of our favorite seasons around acac: BBQ season! Inviting friends over for a barbecue is a fun way to celebrate, socialize and enjoy STAYCATION. And while barbecues can be an awesome time to hang out with friends, they can quickly turn into healthy-lifestyle busters if you’re trying to watch what you eat.

While we always advocate that you should enjoy yourself and eat the things you love in moderation, we also think that smart, healthy swaps that don’t ruin the fun are a good decision whenever possible. See below for some easy, healthy swaps you can keep in mind while in line for the grill at your next BBQ.

  1. Make your burger bun-less. Use two slices of lettuce or tomato to hold your burger toppings together, instead of the bun! 
  2. Choose kebabs. Kebabs are often the healthiest choice at the BBQ, as they’re full of lean meats and veggies. Load up on these when they’re an option.
  3. Make your dressings “clear.” Creamy, white dressings are often an indicator that a salad is packed with extra calories. Choose an oil and vinegar based dressing whenever possible for your pasta salads, potato salads and even salad dressings.
  4. Don’t dip right from the container. Spoon your dips, condiments, etc. directly onto your plate, first, instead of eating from the container. Not only is it the more sanitary choice, it’s often the healthier choice, as you can more easily visualize the portion size you’re eating.
  5. Remember: liquids have calories, too. Your plate might be filled with good intentions, but are you paying attention to what you’re putting in your cup? Water is always the healthiest choice at the BBQ, so make that your staple, and enjoy beverages of other kinds in moderation.

Interested in more nutrition information? Contact an acac team member in your location.

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