Bodyweight Exercises for Summer Travels

Are you traveling this summer, or just too busy to make it to the club as often as you’d like?

Bodyweight exercise training is a great way to help you stay in shape while on the go! The workouts are customizable, can be done in less than thirty minutes, and require no equipment.

Not only are bodyweight exercises convenient- these exercises recruit many large muscle groups at once including the back, chest, legs, and core.  Increasing activation of these muscles through resistance training helps contribute to a “tightened and toned” appearance.

Higher levels of lean body mass equate to a higher resting metabolism, which means that the body will burn more calories while at rest.  Additionally, a stronger you can do more work to burn more calories while working out!

Bodyweight exercises also lead to improved heart health. Since this type of exercise demands a lot of oxygen-filled blood going to the muscles, the heart has to pump faster to meet your body’s needs.  This process creates a natural reduction in blood pressure after exercise improves circulation throughout the body.

Along with an improvements in tone, strength and heart health, resistance exercise improves the health of joints and bones. The increase in strength through this type of training reduces the day to day stress put on the body’s joints and bones, providing protection for them during everyday activities.

Lastly, this type of exercise is great for emotional health. During activity the body releases “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins. These natural chemicals produced in the body interact with receptors in your brain to help you feel energized, focused, less stressed, and provide you with an increase in self-esteem and confidence!


Creating a Bodyweight Workout

To create a bodyweight workout, integrate exercises that build overall strength. Keep it simple at first by including 5-6 bodyweight exercises you are confident in. Do one exercise after another without resting in between.  When you’ve completed a “round”, rest 1-2 minutes before moving to the next.  This increases the heart rate, providing a great cardiovascular workout!

Begin with one circuit and (depending on current fitness level) work up to three to four rounds. Aim for 12-20 repetitions of each. During and after these sessions, the muscles should feel fatigued but not painful, strained, or injured.

If you’re travelling for more than a week, you can perform three to four of these sessions in a week with rest days in between exercise sessions. The “rest” days can be used for cardio (ex. walking, jogging, biking, etc.).

                               Bodyweight Exercise Workout Builder                 

Push UpLungePlank**
BurpeeSquatShoulder tap plank
Rows*Bridges: single leg or both legsDead bug
Dips*Chair poseBird dog
Pull ups*Wall sit“Supermans”
  Mountain Climbers

*These exercises do require some equipment or the ability to do a pull up.

**Amy appropriate plank variation. 


Here are some of our favorites. 














Mountain Climber

From a push up position, alternate legs to this position.









Start at a full standing position, feet hip width apart and toes slightly out.  Descend until the thighs are parallel to floor (or as low as possible) and return to standing position.








The burpee is really a total body exercise. Start standing tall and proceed by placing hands on floor.  Then step or kick the feet back, lower the body to the floor and pull hands back off of floor at bottom. Push back up and step or hop the feet back underneath the body and return to a full standing position.  For an extra metabolic kick, jump as you return the top.








Start at full standing, step back with one leg and descend until back knee nears floor (bottom position shown here).  Return to full standing.










Glute Bridge

Start with back and feet flat on floor.  Push feet down into floor until shoulder, hip and knee are in a straight line. Hold for time, or repeat reps.








Stay tight as if someone might come by and try to knock you over.








A personal trainer can work with you to make sure you are performing bodyweight exercises correctly.  Talk to a personal trainer at an acac club near you:

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