Do Sport Variety Sunscreens Matter?

Happy first day of Summer! Summer is our favorite time of year for outdoor activities, but with great fun comes great responsibility. Responsibility for your skin, that is!

By now, most people know the basics of sunscreen: Wear the proper SPF, reapply frequently, etc. But that basic advice may not be enough to properly protect your skin if you’re being active outdoors for long periods of time.

Sport sunscreens, found in most drugstore aisles, are marketed towards active individuals. But do they really make a difference compared to a regular sunscreen variety? Turns out, the answer might be yes. See below for 5 reasons to consider a “sport” variety sunscreen the next time you’re at the store.

  1. Higher SPF is the default – You won’t find many sport sunscreen brands offering products below the American Academy of Dermatology’s recommended minimum 30 SPF. By choosing a sport variety, you’re more likely to be choosing a variety that meets SPF compliance.
  2. Broad Spectrum Protection – There are 2 types of rays that can harm your skin, UVA and UVB rays. Many regular varieties of sunscreen don’t offer “broad spectrum” protection, meaning they don’t block both types of rays. Most sport sunscreens, on the other hand, offer a line of defense against both. 
  3. A “Win” for Prolonged Immersion – Unlike regular sunscreens, sport variety sunscreens are tested to measure water resistance, or how long the sunscreen stays in-tact under water before the SPF starts to wear off. Sport sunscreens are designed with swimmers in mind, but the same water-resistance applies to anyone breaking a profuse sweat.
  4. Eco-Friendly and “Reef Safe” – The sunscreen you wear could be having detrimental effects on the health of the world’s oceans, particularly the ocean’s coral reefs. Sport sunscreen brands are leading the pack in designing products that are more eco-friendly and “reef safe.” The leading sport sunscreen brands stay completely intact for up to 8 hours and sustain SPF protection at rates around 97%, meaning very little product is washing off your body into the waterway. A win for you, and the earth!
  5. A Safety Net for Reapplying – While we would always recommend you reapply sunscreen frequently (preferably every 40-80 minutes of sun exposure), we understand that sometimes, life happens. The water resistance of a sport variety SPF may buy you more time in between applications if you absolutely cannot stop to reapply.

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