Five Ways to Stay Motivated to Hit the Gym

Life happens. Every once in a while, we all fall into the rut of being too tired or too busy to make it to the gym. Too many days of excuses can easily turn your four day training regime into hitting the gym once every other week. Before you know it, you have fallen deep into the hole of what acac personal trainer Kaitie Jacoby calls “motivational malfunction.” While your mind may think you want to stay in that hole and spend your free time catching up on good old fashioned sleep, in the long run it is more important for your health and well-being to crawl out of that black hole, no matter how deep it seems. If you’re thinking this seems easier said than done, you’re right. That’s why Kaitie is sharing her five best tips and tricks to get motivated and, more importantly, to stay motivated to hit the gym consistently.

Tip #1: Remember WHY you started your active lifestyle in the first place.

What was your goal when you began your routine? If you don’t think you had a goal, think again. Was it for a sport, your physical health, your mental health, or more than one? What was it that drove you to walk through those doors on the first day? Now that you remember what your initial goal was, THINK about it. Did you accomplish that goal? Do you still have more work to do? If you’ve accomplished your initial goal, what could you do to go even further? Remembering the reasons why you started with your active lifestyle can be an eye opener and the automatic inspiration to get back at it.

Tip #2: Try a new workout and have FUN with it.

Nothing is worse than dreading your typical 30-minute run on the treadmill followed by the same weight-lifting circuit you complete on a day-to-day basis. acac offers a huge variety of group exercise classes every day including everything from cycling to boxing, yoga and pilates—and they’re all included in your membership! The instructors always offer modifications and progressions to movements to accommodate those at different athletic ability levels so that everyone gets a great workout! If group classes aren’t your thing and you prefer exercising alone, find someone in a green shirt on the fitness floor and ask them to show you a new movement or two.

Tip #3: Find your time.

If you’re anything like myself, I am a morning workout fanatic. Ask me to work out and be active in the morning and I am all about it; ask me to work out in the afternoon or evening after a long day, and there’s not a CHANCE I’ll be joining you. Finding the time that your body is at its peak for exercise performance is crucial and may also help you to schedule your workout times more efficiently so that they don’t pass you by.

Tip #4: Always be prepared.

Sleep in your workout clothes or have a gym bag packed and ready to go with all of your essentials for after work or school. Do whatever it takes to be prepared ahead of time. Being prepared eliminates the ‘before workout window’ which includes contemplation to work out at all, or to blow it off and “go tomorrow.” You are far more likely to work out if you don’t have to think about it. Just get up and GO.

Tip #5: Track your workouts.

Take time to track your workouts so that you can visually see when you have exercised, what new goals you can set based off of your current progress, and what you have already accomplished. When you are feeling a lack of motivation, you can simply flip back a few weeks and notice how far you have come along. Nothing is more motivating than self-accomplishment! You may not even realize how much stronger you have gotten until you’ve taken a peek back three or four weeks to see what you are doing now versus then.

These are just a few of the many ways we at acac can help you revamp your motivation. Choose a location below to find a personal trainer who can motivate you and help you reach your fitness goals:

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