Our Goals Beyond Fitness

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your goals!

We asked some of our acac team members about their goals for 2019. Here’s what they shared!

Some goals were fitness/health-related…

  1. “Be healthier and kinder to myself, and make time for relaxation and overall wellness.” – Lee Anderson, Personal Training
  2. “Get back in shape and put on 20 lbs of muscle.” – Anna Koliais, Member Services
  3. “Get more sleep.” – Bonnie McManaman, Group Ex Instructor

Some were family-related…

  1. “Be the best father and husband I can be.” – Chad Lattman, Personal Training
  2. “Commit to limiting the amount of electronics/screen time for my children and encourage more hiking and biking (they love it!).” – Betsy Devine, Membership

Some were more personal…

  1. “Be consistent and follow a regimen schedule.” – Brian Henn, Personal Training
  2. “Utilize a book to reduce worrying. You write down your worries each night, sleep on it, and work towards finding solutions the next day.” – Donatella Bennett, Aquatics Director
  3. “Qualify for a Regional Horse Show. I’ve been riding since I was a kid and I would like to beat my personal record.” – Mary Ellen Taggart, Personal Training

Some gave us a laugh…

  1. “Be on the show Fear Factor. It’s not really a goal, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” (Yes, seriously.) – Michael Rushin, Personal Training Director
  2. “Skydive…even though I’m afraid of heights!” – Karly Kress, Personal Training

This one was very creative…

2 – Raw fruits and/or vegetables a day
 0 – Negative thoughts about myself
 1 – New exercise a day
 9 – Books to read throughout the year” – Barbara Wraback, p.r.e.p. Training

Think about your goals, create a realistic plan for achieving them, and follow through. Talk to someone about your goals, allow them to hold you accountable, and don’t be discouraged when you are faced with setbacks—it’s inevitable. Check out these 10 motivational quotes we swear by for some inspiration!