Hobby Ideas

January is Hobby Month!


The benefits of taking up hobbies include providing stress relief, creating a positive new challenge for your mind and body, potentially uniting you with others who share your interests, encouraging you to take a ‘break’ from a busy life, and even offering positive physical health benefits, such as lowered blood pressure.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few hobby ideas…


Trending and Creative: Coloring with crayons!

You’ll notice online and in popular book stores that adult coloring books are top-selling items. Coloring has been said to increase work performance, reduce stress, and even reduce insomnia. Here is a listing on amazon.com of popular book choices.

Getting Outdoors: Hike or Bike.

When asking many of our acac Personal Trainers and Instructors what hobbies they enjoy, hiking and biking were common activities!

Hiking tips:

Biking tips:

Indoor Sports: You don’t have to brave the elements.

Try a new type of class! If you usually take classes such as BODYSTEP™ and BODYPUMP™, try something like Zumba or Nia® that is a little more fluid with movements. Yoga enthusiasts, pack a bathing suit and try a water exercise class. When you try something different, you’ll likely make a few new friends and challenge yourself–a good way to break through any fitness plateau you might experience! To see the class schedules at our acac clubs, click the corresponding club name/city:
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Join a recreational team or league. Check with your gym for sports that offer beginner’s leagues to get started. Some ideas could include badminton, racquetball, squash, basketball, or pickleball.

Tasty Hobby: Give your try at cooking!

Start with something simple. Think of an appetizer or side dish that you loved from a favorite restaurant. You can look up comparable recipes online at sites like restaurant.food.com

As you become more familiar with what ingredients you need to make some of your favorites, you can look for similar dishes made healthy at www.cookinglight.com (a popular source among our Registered Dietitians.) You can also find ingredient substitutions in this article from mayoclinic.org.  

Short on time but still want something yummy for dinner? You can save money by cooking for you and your family rather than dining or ordering out. You can find some quick and easy recipes at realsimple.com.

A great resource for even more hobby ideas can be found on Buzzle.com.