Hydration Tips and Summer Sips

Proper hydration is important year-round, but especially in the summer months with increased heat and activity.

acac Medical Director Dr. Greg Degnan shares six tips for staying hydrated this summer. Download the handout for a helpful daily reminder!

  1. Always hydrate before you exercise.
  2. Water is the best form of hydration during exercise and in hot weather. Sports “replacement” drinks are only effective or necessary for endurance athletes – sugary drinks will not effectively hydrate you.
  3. Drink while exercising – if you are thirsty you are already becoming dehydrated.
  4. Your urine should be clear to pale. Dark yellow or orange urine is a danger sign.
  5. If you are not sweating in hot weather or during vigorous exercise then STOP and hydrate. You are in the early phase of heat exhaustion / heat stroke.
  6. Every pound of weight loss during exercise requires a minimum of 1 pint of water for replacement. Weigh yourself before and after vigorous exercise or exercise in the heat of the day.

. . .

Make hydration FUN with these drink recipes from Fitness Magazine or download our recipe cards below for a fresh take on a summertime sip.

Ginger-Mint Sparkling Water

This refreshing beverage is full of flavor and sparkle for minimal calories. For other flavor combinations try cucumber + mint, strawberry + cucumber, lemon + basil, raspberry + mint, strawberry + basil, or cucumber + lemon.

Pineapple-Strawberry Cooler

This fruity beverage will help you refresh and relax after a long day! 

Fruit & Veggie Cooler

On the go? Add this tasty fruit + veggie concoction to your water bottle for a quick and easy sip.