Just one yoga class can make a difference all week long

Your muscles and emotions have a memory. So if you can get yourself to one yoga class a week, that good feeling can help you all week long.

acac Instructor Alex McGee shares this success story about a member in her class:

“A new yoga student came to class one night and told me a success story about how yoga was helping her at work. That Wednesday morning, the phone on her desk had rung and an angry co-worker began speaking loudly to her. Without thinking about it, the yoga breathing she had practiced in class clicked in. She took long deep breaths. She knew she could stay relaxed while she responded. The situation with this co-worker resolved much better than usual.”


The ancient science of yoga tells us the same thing that modern medicine tells us: our brain has neural pathways. That means that whatever habits and postures we get used to, tend to shape our lives. By coming to yoga class once a week, you are helping to program your brain for a calm, vibrant work week. Below are two ways to help this happen.

First, pick a class that works for you. If you are new to yoga, look for the yoga classes especially suited for beginners. Examples include Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga I, Easy-Does-It Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and others. You can view your club’s class schedule page by clicking below.
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Before your first class, plan to arrive ten minutes early. Let the instructor know that it is your first time to class! He or she would love the opportunity to welcome you and help you get set up with any props you may need. Try several sessions–the skills you learn in each class will carry over to the next. You may find your first class experience very different from your second or third visit. Feel free to ask the instructor for guidance on about which classes might be best for you.

Second, find a moment once a day when you can step away from your work for three minutes, perhaps to the water fountain or the sidewalk. Close your eyes. Imagine your favorite yoga pose. Take ten deep breaths, counting ten fingers. Notice how you feel as you return to your work.

Once your body gets used to that Zen feeling, your motivation to come to class will grow even stronger. You might even find you come to yoga class three times a week, or every day!


Alex McGee loves yoga because it helps her be a better person. She has been teaching for 20 years, and teaches six classes a week at acac.