MFA Certified

MFAMFA-certified medical fitness facilities differ from traditional health and fitness centers in that they typically offer services from more highly qualified and credentialed staff, such as physicians, dietitians, physical therapists, nurses and exercise physiologists.  In addition to standard exercise programming, medical fitness facilities offer a spectrum of programs, such as ACAC’s PREP program, that focus on prevention and treatment of disease, including strategies for nutrition, mental health and social interaction for all stages and ages of life.

The MFA certification is a rigorous process that requires extensive documentation of the club’s health tracking, medical and emergency protocols. All ACAC employees, regardless of position or hours worked, are required to maintain CPR/AED certification. During the testing phase, MFA examiners randomly interviewed on-duty ACAC staff members about club policies for safety and crisis response. In addition to the club’s health and fitness professionals, housekeeping, administrative and part-time personnel were also put to the test.

One of the most exciting aspects of the MFA certification is the recognition of ACAC as a qualified partner in providing active and regular medical oversight for members who desire these services. ACAC has partnered with area hospitals and physicians, such as HCA, for several years now. MFA certification acknowledges the strict standards used by ACAC when tracking health outcomes using blood lipid profiles, blood pressure and body composition.

Above all, the certification distinguishes ACAC as a fitness and wellness center where medical professionals and their patients can feel comfortable and confident that members receive the attention and guidance they need to successfully manage or prevent disease.