Never Miss an Update!

Are you wondering why you haven’t seen acac as often in your Facebook newsfeed?

The social media platform recently tweaked their algorithm to promote less business and news-related content. To stay informed on club happenings and important announcements, we encourage you to follow these instructions to make sure you never miss an update.

On Mobile Devices:

  1. Open the Facebook app and visit your local acac page.
  2. Make sure you have selected the Like and Follow buttons.
  3. Then, tap the Follow button and the Subscriptions page will appear.
  4. Select “See First” under the IN YOUR NEWSFEED section.
  5. Never miss an update again!


. . .

On Computers:

  1. Visit your local acac page on Facebook.
  2. Make sure you have selected the Like and Follow buttons.
  3. Then, tap the Follow button and click See First in the IN YOUR NEWSFEED section.
  4. Never miss an update again!