Added Accountability-The Benefits of Working Out With a Partner

Added accountability, increased motivation, including a workout partner (or two) in your routine could give you just the boost you’ve been looking for.

Whether you choose to work out in a group exercise class or a small group training session, there are so many benefits to working out with a buddy. According to ACE fitness, choosing a workout partner who you perceive to be stronger, faster, or more motivated than you could increase your workout’s effectiveness by 200%. The American Kinesiology Association calls this the “Kohler Effect” which says that working out together increases motivation. Whether it is an increase in motivation, a gentle nudge to try something new, or a push to go just a little bit harder, whatever you are looking for in your workout can most likely be found in a reliable workout partner.

Maureen Sumner and Mary Gail Walton can attest to the power of working out in pairs. They participated together in acac’s member-guest challenge in August and were the first team to finish. Now both acac members, they work out together 3-4 times a week and say that having each other adds an element of accountability. Mary Gail says she recently returned from a mission trip at 10pm on a Saturday night, but she had previously promised Maureen that she would attend Zumba on that Sunday morning. The next morning, Mary Gail made it to her Zumba class, which she says wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t have Maureen to keep her in line. The pair have found a community within their Zumba classes where they say they have made a lot of new friends and even invited some of their own!

Another successful member-guest team was Brittany Haas and her mom Christine. Brittany says the challenge came at the right time for her, when she felt like her momentum had started to slow and she and her mom wanted to try something new. Together they tried swimming laps and taking classes, like Sh’Bam, that they had never taken before. Christine says working out with her daughter encourages her to push herself out of her comfort zone and to work out a little longer than she would by herself. Now, Brittany says, talking about their workouts has become part of their daily routines, and even though it can be challenging for them to find the time to work out together, it is still a common bond that gives them something to talk about.

Maureen says it comes down to the buddy system. If you’re working out with a partner and their schedule changes, don’t use it as an excuse not to go. Enjoy the partnership, but also work out for yourself. Having an accountability partner can improve your workout in so many ways, so grab a friend and head to the club today!

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