podcast: exercise for healthy aging

acac Fitness Specialist Pete Cross joins Jeanne McCusker on WINA 1070’s radio show “A Graceful Life” to talk about exercise for healthy aging.

Exercise and healthy aging go hand in hand. Most of us recognize that staying active as we age will prolong our independence and quality of life.

In her interview with Pete, Jeanne asks the all-important question: “Is it ever too late to start exercising?”

“No, it is not!” answers Pete. Illustrating his point, Pete briefly mentions the celebration of a long-time acac member who recently celebrated his 100th birthday. In the podcast, Pete discusses several of the benefits of exercise for healthy aging, including improved body balance, mental health, bone density and muscle strength, and decreased risk for depression and other illnesses.

Common questions when beginning an exercise program include: ‘What exercises are best for me?’, ‘How often and how long do I need to work out?’, and ‘Am I doing the exercise safely and effectively?’ Pete emphasizes that getting good information can get you started off on the right foot. As a medical fitness professional with acac‘s Physician Referred Exercise Program- p.r.e.p, he sees firsthand the difference that instruction and assistance can make in making progress towards better health. A program like p.r.e.p., which is $60 for 60 days, can help give a needed jumpstart for a healthy lifestyle both in and out of the gym.

Listen to the podcast for more tips and information.

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