Pre-Turkey Parade Burn

Like cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a holiday staple.

Many families spend Thanksgiving morning cozied around the TV while the turkey bakes in the oven. This year, mix up your parade viewing party by adding in a fun, festive workout that everyone can enjoy. You’ll earn seconds at dinner!

March Madness
What is a parade without a marching band? March in place or perform quick feet movements for two minutes each time you see a band on the big screen.

Bicycle Crunches
Balloonicles were introduced to the parade in 2004. Part balloon and part vehicle, you can expect to see four self-powered balloon floats during this year’s show. Each time you see a balloonicle, lie on your back and perform bicycle crunches for one minute.

Move to the Music
This year’s crop of musical performers ranges from Pattie LaBelle to the boys from 98 Degrees. Move to the music by performing continuous jumping jacks during each set of performances. If you get bored of jumping, alternate each set between jumping jacks and squats. Your legs will feel the burn!

Each year there are new floats and new performers who enter the parade; however, there is something to be said for old favorites like Cloe the Clown or the Macy’s Yellow Star. In honor of these vintage balloons, perform 25 star jumps each time a novelty balloon enters the screen. 

Clowning Around
Patriotic clowns, gnomes, breakfast clowns and more — this year’s parade will be goofy galore. Grab a hula hoop and see how long you can keep your hips moving. (Make it a contest with your kids for double the fun!) Practice your juggling skills by balancing three balls in motion. Trust us, it’s more of a workout than you’d think!

Power Performance
Here’s your chance to shine! Channel your inner Rockette and perform high leg kicks during any performance group number.

Plank Play
You might recognize Harold the Baseball Player from Miracle on 34th Street. In honor of this icon’s 70th anniversary, hold a plank for 34 seconds. It is planksgiving, after all!

Wherever you find yourself this Thanksgiving, we hope you have a happy, healthy holiday!

Love, team acac