Staying Motivated Throughout Weight Loss

by Lamees Hanna

Whether you have those last pesky five pounds to lose or you have a longer journey ahead, staying motivated throughout weight loss can prove to be challenging! Having been through this process myself, I can tell you firsthand that it’s important to keep your eye on the prize and motivate yourself throughout the journey. Here are some tips you can try to keep your enthusiasm high and your mind focused on your goals:

Celebrate Victories – It’s the process, the struggle, the sweat (and maybe blood and tears) that makes every pound shed a sweet victory. Whether it’s the first time you jog one lap without walking, are able to completely wrap your bath towel around you, or stay at or below your calorie “budget” for a whole week, you are building a better you and that’s worth acknowledging!

Freshen up your music list – You’ll be surprised how much faster your body will move when your playlist moves your soul!

Reward Yourself – Hitting big and small milestones along the way is as sweet as meeting your ultimate goal. Reward yourself when you’ve done something well or hit a mini-goal. Maybe it’s new sneakers after exercising consistently for two weeks, or a new top when you lose your first ten pounds (don’t wait until your goal weight to enjoy your body!), or getting that watch you’ve been eyeing once you’re off blood pressure medication. Be creative – and don’t use food as a reward!

Enjoy Variety – Get yourself out of your comfort zone and try a new class or machine. Ensure you have a solid mix of strength and cardio exercise–both are equally important for health as well as weight loss. Make appointments with a friend for a walk on the trail or hire a personal trainer to help you stay accountable, safely challenge you, and craft workouts specific to your strengths and weaknesses.

Keep your eye on the prize, my fellow “Losers,” and take joy in your transformation!



Lamees Hanna

After multiple weight loss attempts over a 20-year span, Lamees decided to get serious and join acac as a member in 2012. With help from Personal Trainer Joe Brown, Lamees lost 84 pounds in two years, reduced her body fat significantly, and lowered her BMI from 40 to 27. She discovered that she actually loved to exercise, and is now a personal trainer at acac West Chester. To hear more of her story or to set up a personal training consultation, contact her here.

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