summer sips to stay hydrated

You know by now that it is extremely important to stay hydrated to enjoy your (hot) summer activities. Drinking enough water even when you’re not exercising can be a challenge for some, but you can make it more enjoyable by adding some tasty twists! 

Ginger-Mint Sparkling Water

This refreshing beverage is full of flavor and sparkle for minimal calories. For other flavor combinations try cucumber/mint, strawberry/cucumber, lemon/basil, raspberry/mint, strawberry/basil, or cucumber/lemon.    

Makes: 2 Quarts

6 sprigs of mint
10 slices of fresh ginger (peeled and sliced thinly)
4 cups thinly sliced fresh pineapple (about ½ of a large pineapple)
2 quarts seltzer water (plain or citrus-flavored)

Lightly crush the fresh ginger with the handle of a wooden spoon in a glass pitcher or bowl. Add the fresh mint and lightly mash the mint with the ginger.  Add the fresh pineapple slices. Pour 1 quart of seltzer over the fruit mixture.  Refrigerate for 2 to 4 hours (or overnight) to allow the flavors to infuse into the water.  

Stir well and pour through a strainer. Discard the fruit, mint, ginger mix OR toss them in a closed container to add to your next smoothie.

When it’s time to serve, pour the second quart of seltzer water into the flavored fruit water. For a nice visual effect, serve from a clear glass pitcher and add more fresh pineapple and mint for garnish. Store in the refrigerator; will keep up to 3 days (although you will lose the fizz).

Note:  Still water may be used in place of seltzer water, in which case, add the 2 quarts of still water to the fruit in the beginning and strain before serving.

Pineapple-Strawberry Cooler

This fruity beverage will refresh and relax after a long day!

12 ounces water
1/4 cup crushed pineapple
1/4 cup crushed strawberries
1 sage leaf

Combine the fruits and sage leaf in the water. Put in the freezer to sit, then enjoy it cold!


Fruit & Veggie Infusion

On the go? Try this to put in your to-go bottle.

6 thin cucumber slices
1/2 sliced lemon
1/2 sliced orange
3 sliced strawberries
1/4 cup cut watermelon

Put all of the ingredients into your to-go bottle, then just add ice and water!

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