Ten Tips for Summer Cycling

Ten Tips for Summer Cycling

Being outside riding your bike in the summer brings back feelings of nostalgia for many just like bomb pops and lemonade stands. We caught up with a few of our acac cycling instructors for some tips to make your summer cycling experience the most enjoyable!

1. Get your water ready the night before.

Freeze your water bottles! Fill your bottles with water (leave a little room for expansion at the top) then put it in the freezer. The ice will melt a lot more gradually than if you use loose ice out of the freezer.

Use an electrolyte mix if you’re going to be out on your ride more than one hour

When packing for the ride, it’s best to bring more water than you’ll actually drink.


2. Eat breakfast.

Eat a solid breakfast and allow an hour for digestion time. Then consume 8 to 12 ounces of water just before you leave.


3. Bring food.

Take real food, like all natural fig bars, rice cakes, or homemade “bars” made from wholesome ingredients. (Gels and “bloks” are not food.) As with water, pack one more serving of food than you’ll actually eat.


4. Plan your route for the heat.

Try to plan a ride that has a lot more shade coverage, less climbs, maybe even a river or pond to dip your feet in on a break!


5. Keep your (head) cool. 

Many cyclists have favorite head sweat gear that they swear by. Spray that with cold water and put that on your head under your helmet to stay cool on your ride!


6. Have the right tools.

Check with your local bike shop to make sure that you have all the correct tools for fixing a flat tire!
Chafing cream works. Apply liberally. Also buy the small 1-dose packets and a couple individually- wrapped wipes to throw in your jersey for the second hour (or third, or fourth.)


7. Find a crew.

Riding with friends is always fun, especially when it’s hot!  You can look up local cycling groups or social media pages by searching your town name and “cycling”.  Or ask a local bike shop when and where the group rides meet.


8. Watch the sun.  

The summer sun is stronger and brighter so keep in mind that if it’s on the horizon during sunrise or sunset, it will make you harder to see for drivers. Turn your blinking lights on!  


9. Watch the traffic.

Check your local traffic habits for both weekdays and weekends along your preferred route. Look out for special events that might add to traffic issues!


10. If it’s just too hot, take your ride inside! 

Visit your local gym’s class schedule to see a listing of indoor cycle classes. 

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