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What is Health?

What is health? How would you define your health? How about fitness? And what about that vague term “wellness”. What the heck does that even mean? 

As a health coach and personal trainer I ask myself and others these questions often. People usually have to pause and think about it and struggle to truly define health. Is it an absence of disease? Maybe. Is health something you can see or more of something that you can feel?

While out on a walk several weeks ago, I had an “ah-ha” moment about my own definition of health. Walking often triggers random interesting thoughts for me. I realized that health for me is all about connection. When I truly know I am healthy I feel connected to myself, my surroundings, and the world at large.  I find myself easily connecting to other people, including strangers, friends and family alike. As an introvert this doesn’t come naturally to me. On the flip side, when I am not feeling well, I start to disengage from people and feel the urge to hide in a cave for awhile. 

I think health is not something you can see or even really define. It’s like love. You can’t fully explain it and you just know when you are experiencing it. 

Personally I have struggled with gastrointestinal health issues for many years. This has often taken me away from feeling my best. I have tried many different protocols to eliminate or alleviate the symptoms I experience. I have extensively researched and created routines, habits, and rules to follow. I have tried pills, supplements, specific eating plans and worked with a variety of health practitioners over the years. Yet I still experience symptoms. So, I decided to shift the way I take care of myself. 

I have reached a point where I am listening to my body using my own interoceptive awareness. I am taking care of my health and wellbeing using intuitive curiosity to figure out what and how much to eat rather than following a list of food rules. I am asking myself what kind of movement or exercise I want to do rather than what I think I “should” do. 

I am using the opportunity to blog about my experiences learning to be more intuitive to hopefully help others along the way. This is especially difficult working in the health and fitness world as I am bombarded by external messaging about what I should and shouldn’t do. Or how I should or shouldn’t look. 

Think about what health means to you? Are you living in a way that aligns with your answer?