Scott Williams

Scott enjoys playing with his grandchildren. By that, we're talking about cartwheels, crawling, climbing and balancing with them! He plans to continue playing softball and other ball sports until he hits the century mark!


Let's Connect

Let's Connect

"it became a lifestyle change"

"it became a lifestyle change"

As a physician it is my goal to help patients live their healthiest lives, however, with my focus constantly on the wellness of others, I have often neglected my own health needs. It was Scott Williams who helped me to acknowledge this and ultimately motivated me to take action.  I had known and admired Scott for a few years before finally accepting his challenge to come train with him.  I agreed to a few sessions with the goal of physically preparing for snowboarding season.  With several trips planned to West Virginia and Colorado, I knew that my body needed a tune up if I planned to keep up with my family on the slopes.  With Scott’s expertise and encouragement, this initial goal became more than a winter “tune up” it became a lifestyle change.   I came to look forward to early mornings training with Scott and developed the discipline to continue the routine in between our sessions.  My core strength and flexibility have drastically improved.  I no longer have daily back pain and in addition to improving my snowboarding endurance, I am seeing results on the golf course, where I am consistently hitting my drive 15-20 yards longer.  Aside from the physical benefits of my training, I have noticed a significant reduction of stress and an increase in my overall happiness.

I am so thankful to Scott and believe that is was his unique, methodical approach that ensures success in balancing overall body fitness with mental wellness. Scott uses his vast knowledge to individualize a plan for each client. His passion to help others is evident and allows him to truly connect with those he is training.  This personalized approach leads to a motivating experience and delivers results.  I believe that this is a critical part in overall wellness and hope that I can share my experience with my patients.


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Training emphasis

  • TRX , Kettlebell and Barbell training
  • Golf Strength and Conditioning
  • Balance & core training
  • Sports conditioning
  • Tennis Strength and Conditioning


  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer
  • Golf Conditioning Specialist
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certified


  • 2013 Richmond Magazine “Personal Trainer of the Year”
  • Certified Personal Trainer since 2009
  • Fitness Specialist since 2008
  • Over 10,000 sessions trained at ACAC


  • U.S. Navy 
  • John Tyler Community College, Journeyman Machinist
  • Breathing and postural control trained