acac Personal Training Testimonial- Ley W.

My cardiologist was fussing that the cardio segment of my workout was lacking a couple of things; intensity and frequency. After a few months of kicking around ideas with Josh Ziegler (acac trainer who has known me for quite awhile) I took his advise and set an appointment with Heather Bowman. Why Heather? She teaches boxing. Yep; at 61 I was going to try boxing.
In the very first meeting, Heather took the time to understand my situation and goals. She explained her methodology and we decided boxing was a good fit. Was it ever. A little over six months later, my lab-work is great, my endurance is much improved and, while this is hard work, boxing is fun. 
After a few weeks of one-on-one, where I learned the basics, I began boxing circuit class (group exercise) to augment the individual sessions. This circuit class further enhanced my endurance. One of the byproducts of both the individual lessons and the circuit  was additional cardio exercises I could do on my own. All of this adds up to two boxing classes and three other moderate workouts each week.
While Heather is a great, exacting and tough coach, her awareness of when to push you is simply uncanny. Also, if you ask for more she is delighted to ramp things up. Heather also has an extraordinary sense of humor (a requirement to work with me).
The last six months have flown by. People have noticed the changes and almost refuse to believe what Heather and I have accomplished. It is difficult to express my gratitude to this lady. I am hooked. 
Thank you Heather; and thank you acac  for seeing a great coach in Heather. I surely do.