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acac Short Pump 2016 All Team Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our 2016 All-Team Service Award winners who were recognized on Sunday, February 12 at a team event.

Spirit of Team Award
Nominees: Evan McCann, Lauren Gordon, Sapta Yin
Winner: Evan McCann

Live Your Best Award
Nominees: Bruce Cole, Mae Ledford, Denise McLaurin
Winner: Bruce Cole

Lifelong Learning Award
Nominees: Lynne Headley, Sara Rose, David Neal
Winner: Sara Rose

Leadership Award
Nominees: Emile Dube, Sarah Mines, Lynne de Wet
Winner: Emilie Dube

Outstanding Sales Award
Nominees: Michael White, Spencer Robinson, Randy Kendall
Winners: Michael White

Service Person of the Year
Nominees: Ashley Hashimoto, Kim Hale, Effie Hayes
Winner: Ashley Hashimoto

Nominees: Angelo Rubio, Zack Lopez, Matt Wade
Winner: Zack Lopez

Ready Fire Aim
Winner: Josh Zeigler