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Slimdown Crazy 8’s Challenge | Spring 2018

It’s time for our Spring Crazy 8’s Challenge! 

What is Crazy 8’s?

Crazy 8’s is a fun 8-week challenge used to motivate our members who have weight loss goals.   

When Does Spring Crazy 8’s start?

The challenge begins Monday, April 9, 2018 and runs through Monday, June 4, 2018.

How Does it Work?

To enter you pay $25.  If you lose a total of 8 pounds in 8 weeks you will get your $25 back.  If not, your money remains in the pot.  Those who are successful will divvy up the pot. 

How and when do I register?

Registration begins Monday, April 2.  Please register below or at the front desk.

You must register before getting your starting weight!

Questions:  Email Ike at

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  • By entering my name in the box above, I hereby authorize acac to effect payment for the $25 enrollment and for any missed weigh-in fees to my account.
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