February Events Calendar l acac Short Pump

February Events Calendar

Check out all of the great events going on at acac Short Pump during the month of February!
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*Requires registration
2/128 Day Yoga Challenge kicks off*FREE
2/16:30amAsana WorkshopFREE
2/24:30-7:15pmBer’s BowlFREE
2/26:45-7:30pmYoga Nidra with Stacey AbbottFREE
2/38:00am-5:00pmBer’s BowlFREE
2/312:30-1:30pmPartner YogaFREE
2/35:00-6:00pmTwilight YogaFREE
2/48:00am-8:00pmLifeguard Certification*Varies
2/48:00am-12:30pmBer’s BowlFREE
2/49:00-9:45amKid’s Yoga with NityaFREE
2/5All DayOlympic Art in Kids ZoneFREE
2/611:35amAgeless Grace with JudithFREE
2/66:00pmWarming Yin with LynneFREE
2/7All DayOlympic Games in Kids ZoneFREE
2/77:45amAsana WorkshopFREE
2/86:30amAsana WorkshopFREE
2/912:00pmArm Balance Vinyasa with MicheleFREE
2/9Kid’s Night Out Registration Begins OnlineFREE
2/109:15amRocking Yoga with Kristy & ShelleFREE
2/1012:00pmSled Tutorial with RussellFREE
2/1110:00amValentine’s Nia with FeliciaFREE
2/129:00am-12:00pmDIY Valentines in the LobbyFREE
2/1311:35amAgeless Grace with JudithFREE
2/136:00pmWarming Yin with LynneFREE
2/14All DayFlowers in the LobbyFREE
2/1410:30am Heart Opening VinyasaFREE
2/146:00pm Love Stinks Flow with SaraFREE
2/158:00-9:00amBusiness Networking FREE
2/156:30amAsana WorkshopFREE
2/1610:00-11:00amSmoothie Samples on the RooftopFREE
2/1712:00pmFoam Rolling TutorialFREE
2/1712:30-1:30pmPartner YogaFREE
2/175:30-7:30pmKids Zone Nerf BattleFREE
2/193:00-5:00pmSmoothie Samples in the LobbyFREE
2/2011:35amAgeless Grace with JudithFREE
2/206:00pmWarming Yin with LynneFREE
2/217:45amAsana WorkshopFREE
2/216:30-7:15pmDeadlift Clinic with Mladen*FREE
2/2210:30amacac Book Club*FREE
2/226:30amAsana WorkshopFREE
2/231:00-6:00pmFree Dog Biscuits to-go in the LobbyFREE
2/249:15amYoga Special for TeachersFREE
2/249:30am-5:00pmLifeguard Re-certification*FREE
2/2412:30-3:30pmVinyasa Workshop with Thea*FREE
2/245:30-8:00pmKid’s Night Out*FREE
2/253:00-6:00pm Spa Water in the p.r.e.p. areaFREE
2/26All DayOlympic Art in Kids ZoneFREE
2/2711:35amAgeless Grace with JudithFREE
2/276:00pmWarming Yin with LynneFREE
2/287:45amAsana WorkshopFREE
2/286:30-7:15pmDeadlift Clinic with Mladen*FREE











































*Requires registration