Short Pump Alert

acac Short Pump remains closed until further notice, however we are excited to announce that select outdoor amenities – including group exercise classes and the rooftop cafe –  are available for members, with proper social distancing protocol. Click here for more information.

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acac is hopeful to open our Virginia clubs for operation on or around June 10. We will be billing members for partial dues in June, prorated to the number of days we expect the club to be open. Please click here for more information.

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Stay connected to acac from the comfort of your home with our lineup of live streaming classes from your favorite group exercise instructors and trainers! Learn more and sign up here.

Get Connected! | Parking at acac Short Pump


As acac continues to grow, our community is learning about the benefits of our club and dedicating themselves to fitness. With the ever-growing popularity of West Broad Village, we want our members to be aware of all the parking options that are available!

There are several places where you can park free: on the street in front of the club, in the parking lot across the street from the club, and in the parking deck adjacent to the club next to the Aloft hotel.  acac has an agreement with the Aloft to share the garage with our guests.  You are welcome to use the shared spaces marked “Aloft” between 7am-9pm or the unmarked spaces during regular business hours.

There are 400 shared spaces and 8 handicapped spaces in the parking deck adjacent to acac Short Pump. The handicapped spaces are located beside the stairwell and the elevator.

All of our acac Team Members park on the top level to ensure adequate space for our members.

Please explore the many parking options available to you and be courteous & considerate of others using the garage.  We want to make coming to acac as easy as possible! See you in the club!