Short Pump Alert

The club will close at 4:00pm on Christmas Eve. We will be closed for Christmas and will reopen at 8:00am on December 26.

The club will be open from 7:00am-6:00pm on New Year’s Eve. We will open at 8:00am on New Year’s Day.

Get Connected! | Rooftop Café Fit Options

Get Connected to our Rooftop Café and new Fit Options!

When it comes to living your best with acac, it’s important to couple exercise with a sensible diet. Our Rooftop Café features several new Fit Options that are both appetizing and healthy! We still offer all of our traditional selections such as salads, wraps, and paninis as well as smoothies & shakes. Under each of these categories, you’ll notice some of the items marked with our Fitman.

The Fitman represents healthy or Fit Options. Fit Options mean your specific menu selection has:

So treat yourself after or before your workout and blend your exercise routine with our Fit Options. Just look for the Fitman!