Gingerbread Decorating Competition

Think your family has what it takes to be the Gingerbread Decorating Champion?!


Follow these instructions to get started in our competition:

     1.) Check out a Gingerbread House Decorating Kit from the front desk between Friday, December 2 & Monday, December 5. Cost is $5 per team. 

     2.) Name your team! Give us a name for your team or family to put on the nameplate in front of your completed house.

     3.) Work together with your team to create the most festive gingerbread house to top all gingerbread houses!

     4.) Return your decorated house to the front desk with your number attached by Friday, December 18. Hint: you are welcome to add to the kit that you are given. There are no restricitons on

    extra candy, decorations, houses, etc…

     5.) Voting will take place in the club Saturday, December 19-Friday, December 23.

     6.) The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve. All members of the winning team will receive an acac gym bag, water bottle and lunch box!