Group Exercise March Madness

Challenge yourself to something new with Group Exercise March Madness

Complete a half bracket or a full bracket by the end of March to win a long-sleeve t-shirt and add your name to our winners board!

Cost is $5.

Sign up begins at the front desk Tuesday, February 27.

Rules & Guidelines:

  1. A filing box will be provided at the high top table outside of the GX studio for those who would like to store their activity log at the club.
  2. Be sure to have your sheet signed off on by the instructor at the completion of each class.
  3. Do not duplicate a class on the outside of the bracket. You may repeat type of class, but not date/time of that class. For example: You may use Aqua Yoga twice, but you must take the class at two different times.
  4. Keep moving through the bracket class by class until only one remains, your #1 class. See the example bracket below.
  5. At the end of the month, the class that was chosen as the #1 class by the most participants will win a prize!


Questions? Contact Leigh at