Short Pump Alert

The club will close at 4:00pm on Christmas Eve. We will be closed for Christmas and will reopen at 8:00am on December 26.

The club will be open from 7:00am-6:00pm on New Year’s Eve. We will open at 8:00am on New Year’s Day.

How to Register for Kids Night Out Online

Kids Night Out Online Registration

1. Go to

2. Insert Login information. If needed, follow steps to create login; will need acac scan tag number.

3. Click Program Registration.

Online Registration 1





4. Select your site from the drop box in the upper left corner, then choose the type of program you are looking to sign up for. (If you do not see your location or program, registration may not be available yet.)








5. Now choose the available program you would like to enroll in.

Online Registration 3