June Events Calendar l acac Short Pump

June Events Calendar

Check out all of the great events going on at acac Short Pump during the month of June!
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*Requires registration
6/15:30-8:00pmFirst Fridays feat. Devil’s BackboneFREE
6/210:00amWater in Motion Member-GuestFREE
6/312:30pmSh’Bam Member GuestFREE
6/49:30am & 12:00pmNEW-Power RideFREE
6/4Final Day for Crazy 8s Weigh Ins
6/512:00pmHealthy Horizons*FREE
6/54:30-6:30pmFST Demo with RussellFREE
6/66:30amRooftop Yin YogaFREE
6/67:45amRooftop VinyasaFREE
6/612:30pmPosture Improvement Mini-Clinic with Audra*FREE
6/66:00pmWorkout Buddy Meet & Greet*FREE
6/74:30-6:30pmFST Demo with RussellFREE
6/98:00am-8:00pmRed Cross Lifeguard Certification*Varies
6/99:00-10:30amRooftop FST Demo with RussellFREE
6/108:00am-8:00pmRed Cross Lifeguard Certification*FREE
6/1110:30amExpress Swim Lessons*Varies
6/1210:30amExpress Swim Lessons*Varies
6/1211:00amPosture Improvement Mini-Clinic with Audra*FREE
6/136:30amRooftop Yin YogaFREE
6/137:45amRooftop VinyasaFREE
6/1310:30amExpress Swim Lessons*Varies
6/1410:30amExpress Swim Lessons*Varies
6/155:30-8:00pmFamily Fun Float Night in Aquatics*$5-$10
6/168:00-10:00amTriathlon Swim Training Course*FREEE
6/17All DayFather’s Day- Dads use the club FREE!FREE
6/1810:30amPosture Improvement Mini-Clinic with Audra*FREE
6/192:00-5:00pmBeat the Heat- Popsicles on the RooftopFREE
6/206:30amRooftop Yin YogaFREE
6/207:45amRooftop VinyasaFREE
6/2010:30-11:15amKids Athletic ConditioningFREE
6/218:00-9:00amBusiness Networking*FREE
6/216:30pmSummer Solstice YogaFREE
6/229:30am & 12:00pmNEW- Power RideFREE
6/236:00-8:00pmSuperhero Bash*FREE
6/2410:00amNEW-Power RideFREE
6/256:15pmLine Dancing Member- GuestFREE
6/2610:45amZumba Gold Member-GuestFREE
6/276:30amRooftop Yin YogaFREE
6/277:45amRooftop VinyasaFREE
6/2710:30-11:15amKids Athletic ConditioningFREE
6/275:45pmPilates Reformer Mini-Clinic with Kim C.FREE
6/2810:30amacac Book ClubFREE
6/2810:30-11:15amKid FitFREE
6/299:30am & 12:00pmNEW- Power RideFREE
6/305:30-8:00pmKid’s Night OutFREE













































*Requires registration