Kettlebell User Course

The acac Kettlebell User Course is a 4 hour, thorough and in-depth kettlebell training that takes place all in one day. Hosted by acac trainers, Sue Hulsebusch, Seth Matthews, and Randy Kendall.

Our trainers have identified the fundamentals of kettlebell training and built this course around them. Students will be taught essential skills, techniques and principles by the instructors that are handpicked for their ability to teach. Students will come away from this course with the ability to safely and effectively train with a kettlebell on their own.

The acac Kettlebell Course is ideal for newcomers to the kettlebell or those who have been training, but want to refine and perfect their technique. This course provides a valuable education for people of all levels who want to optimize their training.

January 13, 12:30-4:30pm

Cost is $149.00

Early Bird Registration Special- Register before January 5, 2018, Cost is $119.00

At this Kettlebell Course you will learn…

Call (804)464-0990 or stop by the front desk to register.