Kickstart 2018

We all have resolutions for the new year. What better way to hold yourself accountable?! But we also know that they can be a challenge, so acac is here to help! Each week in January, we will offer at least one opportunity to help you start the year off on the right foot! Check out our list of events below. All are free and do not require registration.

January 2, New Years Resolutions

Studies show that writing down your goals significantly increases the likelihood that you will achieve them. Document your goals in the lobby with our p.r.e.p. team in January and we’ll pull them back out in December 2018 to see all that we have accomplished.

January 10, Drink More Water

Aiming to get your eight glasses a day? Let us provide a serving or two in the Lobby!

January 18, Eat a healthier Diet

Join us in the café for healthy (& delicious) recipe ideas and samples. 

January 26, Give Back

Ring in the New Year by being more charitable! Bring your gently used clothing to our donation box in the lobby. We will donate them to a local charity at the end of the month. 

January 29, Learn Something New

Bring in your new and gently used books for a book swap in the lobby. Leave a book and take something new!