So today is your first day...

 Welcome to the club! We know starting out at a new gym can be a little intimidating so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you out!



We have street parking in front of the building and a large parking deck behind the building. If you’re coming from West Broad Street, follow Gathering Place Road until you pass the building then take an immediate right. The entrance to the parking deck will be on your right. Check out this video for more details.




Walking into the Club

Our member services team is ready to greet you! We offer to-go meal options in a refrigerator right at the front desk for grab and go convenience on your way in and out of the club, comfy seating for working or relaxing by the fireplace and a Logo shop in case you’re looking for acac clothing or some new yoga pants. Be sure to show your scan tag to check in the club. It won’t take us long to learn your name! Almost all of our team members wear black shirts. Never hesitate to ask any of us a question. We are happy to help!




We have a warm water pool, a lap pool and a hot tub indoors. Our pool hours and schedule can be found here. We offer swim lessons year-round. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our Aquatics Director, Lindsey! We have special “Family Swim” hours in which children under 10 years of age can swim, if accompanied by an adult, children 10-13 can swim without an adult present and children 11-13 can lap swim with an adult present. We also offer group exercise classes in both pools! Check the schedule here to find a class that works for you.



Kids Zone

Kids Zone is open Monday through Thursday 8am-2pm and 3:30-8:30pm, Friday 8am-2pm and 3:30-7:30pm, Saturday 7:45am-4pm and Sunday 8:15am-6pm. It is open to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. The guest fee for Kids Zone is $8. Our Kids Zone director is Emilie. If you have any questions, feel free to contact her! We offer many special events and classes just for children, so check out the schedule here!




General Manager

This is our general manager, Zach (& our P.R.E.P. director, Mae)! Zach is available and willing to help with any questions you may have! His office is on the second floor. Feel free to stop by and say “hi”. We also have membership and marketing offices on the second floor. Stop by any time and introduce yourself to the team members. We’d love to meet you!





Fitness Desk

The fitness desk is located on the second floor. If you ever have any questions about an exercise or the club in general, there will always be someone in a green shirt at this desk or walking around the second floor and they are there to assist you. We offer cold towels in a refrigerator directly across from the fitness desk and regular towels at the desk. Here are some extra tips for when you’re on the fitness floor.





We offer day use for all of our lockers with a lock built right in! They are located in the locker rooms, assisted change rooms, on the second floor, Mezzanine, and third floor. To use one, just select a locker, preset your combination to a four-digit combination that you know you can remember, put in your belongings, twist the knob so the arrow is pointing to the left, and finally scramble the numbers so that your number disappears. To open the locker, just go back to the original combination and turn the knob so the arrow is facing up. This video makes it all a little simpler! Don’t worry- if you ever get locked out, find any team member and we’ll be happy to help you get it open.




The functional training area on the Mezzanine is always open to members, and is where most of our personal training occurs. If you’re interested in personal training, you can check out each trainer’s bio here. If you see a trainer who you think would be a good fit for you, feel free to reach out to them. The trainers are also always walking around the club, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself if you see them.





Group Ex

All of our group exercise classes on land are held on the third floor. We have the group exercise studio, mind/body studio, yoga studio, and cycle room. A list of all of our classes can be found here. We offer approximately 150 classes per week from Balance and Chair Yoga to Ultimate Fitness and BodyPUMP, and we are the only club in the area to offer Les Mills classes. All of our classrooms have windows, so if you’re hesitant about taking a class, feel free to find one you think you might enjoy and watch a few minutes to make sure it’s something you would like. Then, the next time the class rolls around, arrive a little early to the class, introduce yourself to the instructor and let them know you are new. They will be happy to keep an eye on you and make modifications just for you. You are welcome to leave a class at any time if you do not feel comfortable, and the instructor will clean up any equipment you may have needed. Our group exercise director, Kristy, would be happy to help you find a class that will work for you.




We have two singles Squash courts and one doubles Squash court. These can be reserved online here or by calling the front desk. We also offer Pickleball on the doubles courts Monday through Friday from 8-11:30am.  Squash lessons are available with our Squash director, Lynne, if you’ve never played before, but have always wanted to know how.





Finally, the fourth floor is the rooftop. You must be 18+ years of age to go to the rooftop. It boasts one of the best views in all of Short Pump, a pool, hot tub, and the Café. The Café also offers to-go options, so you can order your food at the front desk when you arrive and schedule to pick it up on your way out the door. We frequently have wine and beer specials, so be on the lookout for those. We also regularly host events, such as Rooftop Yoga, Rooftop Cycle and First Fridays on the rooftop. All of our events can be found on our monthly all-club calendar. Towel service, which comes complimentary with your membership, can also be found on the fourth floor. Whenever you’re done with a towel, just be sure to drop it in any of the bins around the club marked “towels”.





Club Updates

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