Strength Training- Exactly What Your Exercise Routine is Missing

By Ann Burns, ACE Personal Trainer

This article is for those of you​ who are new to exercise, stay away from strength training, and/or who think personal training is only for those who are “already in shape,” whether you are in your prime or are young at heart!

Now that the busy season is underway with the resolutioners “killing it” in the gym day in and day out, let’s take a minute to address the regulars who come in year round 4-5 days a week, do their cardio and either skip weight training altogether or are still doing the same circuit they learned when they joined the gym however many years ago. But first, I want to say major props to you for making exercise a habit! Consistency is key and you are there! Something is better than nothing, but what if you knew that you could see greater results by adding in strength training? Would you do it? It may be time to step a little outside your comfort zone. Safety, form and the right exercises for you are key, and that is where working with a personal trainer can be a game changer!

Working with a personal trainer can also help reduce any anxiety or fears you may have about changing your routine, and start you down the path to a more balanced approach to your wellness. A trainer can give you guidance and direction, as well as much needed motivation and accountability. Doing cardio is great, but it’s only part of the picture in a well rounded routine.

Strength training is about more than bodybuilding and aesthetics. ​While many people are in the gym for aesthetic changes, there really is a much bigger purpose for strength training: it is to become more resilient, to become stronger, and to move better so you can LIVE your life. That may mean keeping up with grandchildren, being active in your hobbies or just feeling and moving better to stay independent. So don’t be intimidated by the grunting and slamming of weights, and people flexing in front the mirrors. Most seasoned lifters will be your biggest cheerleaders! And if you encounter someone who seems intent on showing off with how much weight they are lifting, don’t mind them. You belong in that weight room as much as the next person. We have all been beginners at one time, and we have all learned from others.

Of course your personal ​ trainer is focused on ​you and your individual needs, and is going to ultimately be a huge source of encouragement for you. Your success is their success. When my clients reach a goal, whether it is reduced or elimination of pain, a weight loss goal, or a strength goal, I am as excited for them as they are! It Is extremely gratifying to make a difference in someone’s life and, ultimately it gives them confidence in their ability to take what they have learned with me out into the world they live in.

​Personal training is for everyone; it ​is an investment, but if you take a deeper look at the benefits you will find that it is an inexpensive investment for the long haul. Know that you are worth it. Talk to a trainer who can help figure out a plan so that training fits your budget. Look to the long term for the benefits that proper training will provide.

Some of the most life-changing benefits are:

I challenge anyone to try regular, purposeful strength training and say that it doesn’t make them feel empowered. ​And who doesn’t want to feel empowered?

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