Swim Lessons for the Whole Family

We offer swim lessons for every age, interest, and skill level!


Our offerings include:


Beginner Swim Lessons for Adults It’s never too late to learn how to swim! This 30-minute introductory class will meet once a week, and focuses on the building blocks of swimming, safety and technique. Thursday evening sessions from 6:30pm-7pm. For a four week period $60 for members and $72 for non-members.

Dolphin Babies Help your baby learn to swim! This program is four weeks long. It is designed as an introductory and safety class. The age level ranges from six months to two years old, with a parent. The class is held on Saturday mornings at 9am. The cost is $60 for members and $72 for non members.

Group Lessons Keep your kids in the pool with our weekly group swim lessons. Each lesson focuses on fun, water safety and the latest swimming techniques. Choose from our four different session times that last for four weeks. All classes are 30 minutes and meet once a week. The groups cost $60 per member and $72 per nonmember.

Saturday mornings 9am (2 1/2-4 years) and 10am (5 and older)

Tuesday evenings 5:30pm (2 1/2-4 years) and 6pm (5 and older)

Thursday evenings 5:30pm (2 1/2-4 years) and 6pm ( 5 and older)

Youth Swim Conditioning Our hour-long Youth Swim Conditioning group will focus of stroke technique and will provide a great workout for your child. Participants are divided based on age and swimming ability. The mini and mighty dolphin groups swim at the same time with modified workouts. Times available are Sunday’s and Tuesday’s from 5pm-6pm. Cost for four weeks of conditioning is $60 per member and $72 per non-member.

Mini-Dolphins- Must be at least five years old and able to swim 50 meters freestyle, unassisted.

Mighty Dolphins- Must be at least 7 years old, able to swim 100 meters freestyle unassisted and have a knowledge of all four competitive strokes. 

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons Not interested in a group setting, but want to learn to swim? These private and semi-private swim lessons are perfect for one-on-one swim instruction. All ages and times are welcome. Each instructor is selected to fit your requested goals for your lessons and will be scheduled best to fit your schedule.

Private lessons can be requested as a one time,  30 minute lesson ($35 for members and $43 for nonmembers) or can be purchased as a 6-pack of 30-minute lessons ($180 for members and $228 for nonmembers).

Semi-Private lessons (two swimmers) can be requested as a one time, 30 minute session ($25 for members and $33 for nonmembers)  or can be purchased as a 6-pack or 30-minute lessons ($120 for members and $168 for nonmembers). Each payment is per swimmer.


Contact our Aquatics director Lindsey at lindseyt@acac.com to get started. 

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